Online VIP Black Scratch Card

Humble scratch cards are one of the most popular instant-win options at Canada’s favourite casinos online. Enter VIP Black scratch card, a not-so-humble version that has taken players – and us – by storm!

Powered by Scratch 2 Cash, it is a cut above the rest. It offers you sleek, easy gameplay, a generous 93.5% RTP, and even profitable special features. Rather than having been designed with the bright, gaudy, and sometimes garish graphics that are so prevalent in the genre, the online casino provider has opted for a stylish black background with white-gold filigree details. To the left of the playing area are 2 information boxes decorated with a ruby and a diamond, respectively. What’s more, the sound effects and music are every bit as sophisticated as we hoped for.

Adjustable Scratching Options

The VIP Black scratch card playing area features 20 blocks in a 5x4 grid. However, you do not need to play all 20 of them.

This online casino game gives you the option of bringing only 10 of them into play. You can use the Number of Stars controls to adjust them. The bet size is also adjustable. You can use the Star Price controls to select an amount from a range between 0.01 and 10.00.

If this was one of the printed cards that became popular in the 1980s and 90s, you would have needed to remove a foil surface by scratching it with a coin, a car key, or if you were really desperate, your fingernails. Thankfully, the action is all on computer or mobile, so removing the cover that hides the symbols is as easy as clicking or tapping each block. If even that sounds like too much hard work, the good news is that selecting the Reveal All button removes all the star-decorated covers simultaneously. Another option is to use the Auto Play feature to set the scratch card to play itself.

At least 3 symbols need to match for you to win the payout indicated. In this way, it is very similar to those other popular casino games, online slots. However, if your scratching reveals 3 ruby or 3 diamond symbols, you can play the respective bonus game. You may even be so fortunate so as to win CA$ payouts in the main game while also triggering one of the features.

Ruby Bonus Game

If you are lucky enough to trigger the Ruby bonus game while playing VIP Black scratch card on your computer or you Android, iOS, or other mobile device, you can enjoy gameplay with a difference.

You will need to spin rubies, which will then land on prizes of different sizes. You will need to keep doing this until the rubies land on the Collect block. The largest payout you can win in this bonus round is an impressive 800x your selected Star Price or triggering bet.

Diamond Bonus Game

We loved the VIP Black scratch card Ruby feature, and were just as, if not more, impressed by the Diamond bonus game. If you trigger it when playing casino games at the site we recommend, you will be presented with 14 diamonds.

You then need to select 7 of the precious stones. Depending on what they reveal, you could win as much as 1100x the Star Price.

Where to Play

We had a tremendous amount of fun playing this cool, classy title powered by Scratch 2 Cash, and heartily recommend it to players in Canada. We are also happy to recommend an online casino at which to play it. Magic Red is licensed and regulated, and offers great bonuses in addition to amazing games. Experience its power for yourself, and you could win big.