Wizard of All Scratch Card

If you are looking for an online scratch card that turns gaming into a magical experience, Wizard of All is it! It offers players in Canada the gameplay familiarised by hardcopy cards for decades, as well as a few spellbinding surprises.

The bonuses, like the graphics and animations, are otherworldly, and there are all sorts of fantastical touches that put this among the best of all online casino cards. Best of all, however, is the fact that, when the mood takes him, the wizard can be very generous indeed.

Bets Are Flexible

Wizards are famous for having the power to change their shape as well as the shapes of others. There’s no risk of being turned into a toad when you play Wizard of All, but he will share some of that power with you.

By clicking the Ticket Cost + and – buttons on the scratch card interface, you can watch in amazement as the size of the bets you place increase and decrease between 0.50 and 10.00. Dominating the screen are 10 blocks in 2 rows of 5, on which are mysterious sigils. There is no need to select the number you want to play, because they are all involved in every game.

Ready to Play

When you selected the cost of the ticket that suits your budget, you are ready to enjoy magical casino games. The first thing you need to do is select the Play button.

Below the 10 main blocks are 2 more. Winning symbols will appear in them. Those are the symbols you need to match in order to win the payout they offer.

Scratch the Card

As soon as the winning Wizard of All symbols appear below the playing area, you can start scratching. Unlike the mystic rites of high magic, there is nothing convoluted or complicated about this part of the scratch card.

To reveal the symbols hidden by the strange sigils, click or, if you are playing on your Android, iOS, or another mobile device, tap them. As you do so, a symbol will be revealed, and if you are lucky, it will match one of the blocks below, and you will see your winnings balance increase.

Symbols of Power

The online casino game is set deep within the sorcerer’s castle, in a room lit by a lamp and by moonlight streaming in through a large window. Books and bottles of strange ingredients and powerful potions line the walls, and in the distance, a cauldron can also be seen.

The scratch card symbols you uncover and need to match do not look out of place at all. They include a feather pen, a wand topped with a crystal, a candle in a holder, a book of spells, an enchanted ring, a bag out of which coloured powder pours through a hole, a crescent moon talisman on a chain, the pointed hat that belongs to the wizard, and an ow with glowing yellow eyes.

Enchanting Special Features

Instant-win casino games are famous in Canada for their simplicity. However, that does not mean that what you see in Wizard of All is what you get.

If you uncover the owl symbol, it will bring a touch of magic and double the payout displayed. That’s not all, because if you find the wizard himself hiding behind one of the sigils, he performs even greater wonders. He will grant you all 10 prizes on offer!

Where to Play

Are you ready to meet the wonderful wizard? Experience the wonders of this scratch card at an online casino that Canadian players can trust. We are only too happy to recommend one of our favourite brands, Magic Red.