All About Online Sports Betting in Canada

The exciting world of Canadian sports betting has found a great home online since establishments like 888, William Hill and Betfair began making sports wagers available. Like its land-based counterpart, online sports betting allows a player to wager on various sporting events, but with lot’s more scope and lots more advantages. In the old days you had to make your way to a physical sports betting establishment with limited options. However, through online technology the entire spectrum of sports becomes available, veering between local and international events. In fact it could realistically be said that with online sports betting the world does become your oyster!

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Mobile Sports Betting in Canada

Due to the explosion of smartphones mobile sports betting can also be done, as our online casinos in Canada that offer sports betting also have mobile apps. Now you can go down to your local pub or watering hole to watch the game and then being able to whip out your phone and place a bet on the game?! The potential profit coupled with the excitement of the game are two things that make mobile sports betting a cut above the rest!

What Makes Sports Betting so Appealing?

One of Canadian sports betting’s biggest drawcards is the diversity and range that it offers. Most people are sports fans or fans of a specific sport. For this very reason, sports betting has the ability to appeal to a large and different segment of the gaming community. Any discipline that you can think of placing a bet on right now, be it local or international, is available. Ice Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Football, and Cricket - it’s all available along with many others including leagues, events and tournaments.

How to Measure the Popularity of a Site?

To effectively assess the popularity of an online casino that offers sports betting in Canada, there are a number of things to take into account. Service of the personal kind is of immense importance. Players want more than an email forum on which to enquire, vent or request. There needs to be telephonic communication and live chat communication. Twenty four hour availability is also of the utmost importance.

A decent Sign Up is always welcome and if the player wins via the offer in accordance with the operator’s T’s & C’s, the casino must honour the payout. Legality is a major aspect of any website that offers remote gaming, be it online casino games or sports betting. If the establishment is licensed through a territory allowed to issue the gaming license, abides within the framework of the law of the country it serves and has regular external auditing done, then not only is it offering a good service, it’s also doing things right.

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Different Types of Betting

Online and mobile sports betting takes the enjoyment of sports to the next level. It also allows for different types of betting to take place. If you’re new to the world of digital sports betting, there are some basic terms and explanations that you need to be aware of, and they are:

  • In-Play Betting:

    This type of betting takes places after the game or match has commenced and can go on until its conclusion. The easiest examples would include ice hockey, cricket, football or soccer. One of the things that make in-play betting so appealing is the fact that it allows you to assess the game and then make a call based on what you’re seeing. All the stats in the world can be very helpful, but at the end of the day sports is unpredictable. One has simply to look back on the 2015 Rugby World Cup and at Japan’s victory over South Africa, one of the world’s greatest teams, to know this to be true.
  • Betting Exchange:

    This is something that places like Betfair and 888 do. A betting exchange is basically a bet that takes place between two people and is simply facilitated by the sports betting website. To illustrate, Betfair will pair players automatically who are betting on the same event. To further explain how it works, let’s assume that Jim thinks that the Vancouver Canucks will win against the Edmonton Oilers and is prepared to bet C$1. Steve on the other hand thinks the Canucks will lose and offers odds of 4.0 (3-1). He is essentially risking C$4 from his side. Betfair will then match these two punters – Jim’s bet will get accepted and matched with that of Steve’s. Whoever wins has the winnings transferred into his account and Betfair will earn a small commission from the winner’s taking’s. And that is how a betting exchange works online.
  • Fantasy Sports (Betting):

    Fantasy sport, AKA roto, is an online game which allows players to select real sports players and assemble them in imaginary or virtual teams of a professional league or sport. The actual performances of these sports players are statistically tallied up in the virtual environment allowing the fantasy sports players to compete with each other. Canadians can take part in fantasy sports betting at places like 888, Betfair, William Hill and Betway.
  • Spread Betting:

    This kind of betting deals mainly with the financial market; a market once thought reserved for suit-wearing highfliers. Now with establishments like Betfair, 888 or William Hill, spread betting can be done on a number of currencies, markets and commodities. The notion is quite simple. Instead of buying stock, players/investors will try and predict the outcome of a share in terms of it going up or down. Everything works on a point system; the amount of money you assign to a point can or will determine how much money you can make. In sports spread betting you would be allowed to bet on whether or not a team’s final point/score count is lower or higher than expected.

eSports Betting

One of the perks of online sports betting is that you can place wagers on all the most popular sports, as well as markets like entertainment, politics and eSports. While most people have heard of eSports, they are unsure of what it is and how it works. For anyone wanting to expand their betting repertoire, this is good place to start. The word comes from meshing together the words electronic and sports. At its most basic level, it is competitive video gaming on electronic devices.

For years, gamers have been competing against each other through local area connections or LAN’s, or via the Internet. Anyone who has played their friend or family member on PlayStation or Xbox will understand how competitive video gaming can be. This concept has progressed to a point where players have formed professional teams, leagues and international competitions. A major tournament can offer as much as a million dollars in prize money.

eSports Categories

For online sports betting purposes, it is essential to understand how the eSports categories work. You can think of these categories as different types of game genres. The most popular genres for competitive gaming include First-Person Shooters (FPS), Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), Action Real Time Strategy (ARTS) and Real Time Strategy (RTS). Each genre or category requires a different type of skill and strategy in order to win.

Players or teams that are skilled at first-person generally branch out to MOBA titles as the strategies and gameplay is so different. To understand the differences, think of something like Pac Man. A skilled player uses speed, hand-eye coordination and visual awareness to avoid the ghosts and clear each round. The same player would not be able to use these skills with Mine Craft, as strategy plays a big role in building the cities and structures required here.

Popular Games

With each of the above genres or categories, there are specific games that have been adopted by the eSports community. The most popular first-person shooter is Counter Strike: Global Offensive or CS:GO.

With online sports betting, putting money on a specific game is usually the best way to start. In the MOBA genre, League of Legends is extremely popular, as is Defence Against the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2). StarCraft II and DOTA 2 are technically real time strategy games with a bit of MOBA mixed in.

These are just the most popular games, however there are plenty of others in the community including Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Smite Call of Duty and World of Tanks. We are also seeing an increase in sport-related games like electronic Basketball, eSports Formula 1, FIFA and baseball. As with all sporting disciplines, the best players compete in leagues and tournaments throughout the year. This is where online sports betting sites come in. With this type of betting, you can place wagers on all major eSports matches and tournaments.

International Leagues and Tournaments

Competitive eSports is extremely popular, and you will find plenty of local leagues and tournaments in each country and continent. The largest and the most important tournaments are the internationals. These are annual events that take place in purpose-built stadiums where the winners can net hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. These international events are streamed live to a global audience.

The most popular international tournaments include the FIFA Interactive World Cup, the League, the Halo Championship Series, the Hero Pro League, the Championship, the Electronic Sports League (ESL), the eGames and the International (DOTA 2). All top-rated online sports betting sites will offer the chance to put money down on every single game and round on major eSports events.

What To Bet On

When it comes to actually putting money on eSports, there are plenty of choices available. On a basic level, you have team A versus team B. As such, there is very little difference when compared to Football or Basketball. At the start of any major tournament, there is the option to place future wagers. This includes predicting which team will win the tournament outright, who will make it through to each round, who will place in the top 3 and who will be knocked out in the preliminaries.

With each match, there are also many different types of markets available. Match betting is probably the easiest way to start. Here, you are simply predicting which team will win the particular matchup. As with other sports, this can come in the form of straight wagers, over/under or handicap bets.

Online sports betting sites also offer prop bets on matches where you are wagering on individual statistics in each game. With first-person shooters, you can place wagers on which team will draw first blood.

There is also an option to bet on the knife round which where you predict which team will make the first kill in the knife round. Other options include Map winner and Map overtime. The detailed, intriguing worlds within eSports games are sure to keep you entertained, and make betting on the results really enjoyable. The more time you spend doing this, the more fun you will have and the more you will appreciate the eSport athletes’ skills!

Canadian players are spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying and profiting from your favourite sport. Here at we recommend the best online sports betting establishments and ones we believe our players will be satisfied with. If you’re interested in expanding your gaming horizons to online sports and sports betting, you can try your hand at any one of the sport betting brands recommended by us.

Fantasy Sports in Canada

Fantasy sports are games where the participants assemble virtual teams to compete in imaginary events. The teams are made up of real professional athletes, and scoring is done according to the current reported figures on their actual performance.

It’s possible to draft, trade and cut players from your fantasy sports team as you wish to, in your attempts to win the events you compete in. This industry actually goes back to the 1950s and has been growing in popularity ever since then. It has really come into its own online, and many of the most popular fantasy sports sites in the world are available to players in Canada.

Different sports have their own rules and stages, and the best fantasy sports sites follow the real-life rules and structures very closely. You get to act as a real sports manager, and stand in line to win some major prizes if your team comes out on top. These range from VIP hospitality packages to luxury smartwatches and to playing consoles and games.

This is not only hugely enjoyable and potentially very rewarding; it can also give you serious insight into players and their different sports for real-life matches. Online fantasy sports betting is worth billions in its own right, and it generates plenty of revenue in wagers on real-life games as well.

We’ve found and reviewed some of the best fantasy sports sites in Canada for you, as standalone sites or attached to online casinos. You can check them out here, and decide which ones you’d like to try out for yourself. Before you start betting on Canada’s most popular fantasy sports games, let us show you a little more about how it all works.

How Fantasy Sports Events Work

At the most popular fantasy sports sites in Canada, as well as around the rest of the world, competitions usually only take a day rather than an entire season to complete. This is the biggest difference between fantasy and real-life sports, and helps to keep things really exciting. It also means you have real insight into the very latest performance of players and teams which will aid in your other sportsbetting activities.

The drafts that you make are also completely independent of every other player. In fact, if you feel that you’ve created the best fantasy sports league possible, you shouldn’t be surprised if others have composed the same exact team!

The value of points and the way they are scored will differ among fantasy sports, but in general the better your chosen players perform on the field in reality, the more points your team generates on the fantasy leader boards. This continues until, ultimately, there is one fantasy team left standing on the site. If this is your league, you take the title of best fantasy sports manager along with all your other prizes.

All of the sites that we showcase here have their own scoring models and specific rules. You can trust that they are all high-quality and above-board, but its only after you’ve spent some time at the most popular fantasy sports sites in Canada, trying out the most popular fantasy sports games, that you’ll know which ones are for you.

The Most Popular Fantasy Sports Games

It’s possible for enthusiasts in this country to enjoy several different fantasy sports leagues, and each of them is available on many different sites. Old favourites such as golf, football and baseball are still very popular, and sit comfortably alongside newer additions on Canada’s most popular fantasy sports sites.

These more recent events include basketball, hockey, NASCAR, soccer and even MMA. Playing online like this also has the great advantage, besides being able to do it whenever and wherever suits you best, of being able to research player health, playing time and current and projected future performances to help you make good decisions.

Having all of this at your fingertips and being able to edit your team at any time means fantasy sports are always thrilling to play, especially at the great sites you’ll find recommended for Canadians.

Developing Your Best Fantasy Sports Strategy

To take your journey as a fantasy sports manager even further and make it more profitable, there are plenty of online tools and guides available. Many of these are on the sites we recommend, and there are also some great online chatrooms and dedicated help sites to explore.

Novices can check out beginners’ guides to all available sports, and the tips that many sites feature should be very helpful in making specific team management decisions for everyone. Bankroll management advice is also available and very useful for every player, and advanced strategy guides will help you take your experiences to the next level.

Specific game plans and tactics have also been developed for each fantasy sport, and the more you use these the more successful you’ll be. Some of the most popular fantasy sports sites actually allow you to play for free as well as for real money, which gives you the chance to perfect your tactics and build your confidence before you play with real money, or to just relax and have fun.

Create Your Premier Fantasy Sports League Now

Many of the most popular fantasy sports sites offer great bonuses and promotions, on top of everything else. These can really help to boost your bankroll so that you can draft the finest athletes, so check out what’s on offer before you settle on where to play.

Make sure the available sports and guidelines are what you are looking for as well, and that the site offers banking and support options that work for you. Being recommended, you can trust that they are all secure and certified by recognised authorities so all you need to think about are your personal needs and preferences. With that in mind, get going! Try out the most popular fantasy sports games online today and decide which ones you like best.

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