10 Best Sports to Bet on in Canada

One of the great advantages about betting on sports is that there are so many different options to choose from. For Canadians, it makes sense to put money down on an event, team or tournament that are passionate about, and can easily find results on, team positions and the latest news. If you’re a bit unsure about where to start, take a look at the top 10 best sports to bet on in Canada.

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# 10 – Rugby Union

Rugby Union is played in commonwealth countries, and bets can be placed on all local games, international matches, tournaments and major competitions. The other international code for the sport is Rugby League, but this is not as popular with Canucks. The Rugby World Cup is the biggest event on the calendar, and a great place to start, although it only takes place every 4 years.

More Rugby Union Events

Once you’ve gotten familiar with the World Cup, you can check out the Six Nations, the Heineken Cup – often called the European Cup – and the Southern hemisphere’s Major Leagues. The Six Nations is an annual Northern hemisphere contest between France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Italy, while the Heineken Cup pits top European teams against each other every year.

The Major Leagues cover so-called Super Rugby events in Southern hemisphere nations South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. There are many other exciting competitions that you’ll learn about as you keep researching teams and players, and as you keep betting on our recommended sites. Don’t forget that there are also many smaller events, which can also lead to lucrative wagers.

Online Rugby Union Betting

You can place outright wagers on an entire Rugby Union tournament, or on a specific match. The types of wagers that are possible include head-to-head or moneyline bets, where you simply predict the winner of a match or tournament, winning margin predictions, over/under predictions and line betting.

In over/under punts you must say whether the combined score will be more or less than a number named by your bookmaker, and line bets are an exciting way to even out the playing field when there are clear favourite and underdog teams. Points are added to underdog scores and docked from favourites before play begins, so the outcome is more difficult to predict.

Advanced Rugby Union Bets

Proposition wagers are popular options with bettors who have a little more experience, because they require a little more insight. You can put money on who the first player to score will be, what the first scoring play will be – a penalty, a try or a drop goal – and on who will be injured or will be given a red card and told to leave the field.

Less technical props are also possible – if a player or a mascot is known for some kind of quirky behaviour, for example, you can predict what antics they will get up to at halftime. As well as all this, in-play betting is increasingly common and allows you to place or change your wagers in response to what is actually happening in real-time play.

Before You Bet

Before making any Rugby Union predictions, find out as much as you can about the players, including expert commentators’ and other sport insiders’ opinions. Some of the factors you should look into are:

  • Current player selections and suspensions
  • Recent performances and injury reports
  • Where the game will be played and whether either team will have a home advantage
  • How recently the side has played


# 9 – Formula One

As well as being the highest level of motorsport in the world, Formula 1 is also one of the most popular sports betting markets in Canada, with petrol heads putting money on every race. The F1 season extends throughout the year and wagers can be placed on any one of the 21 individual Grand Prix events or on the season tournament with bets on the winning driver and the winning constructor.

Over the past few years, the world of eSports and online sports betting has become intricately entwined. Popular games like League of Legends, DOTA 2 and Counter Strike provide an exciting betting platform where punters can be on the results of games, leagues and international tournaments. The new F1 eSports markets are the perfect blend of old- and new-school gambling.

The Rise Of a New Genre

Electronic or computerised motor racing is not a new concept. Early video games from the 1980’s and 90’s often featured some form of car racing, whether it was on a track, or over a set destination. Improvements in game technology and Internet connectively has meant that developers could design and build lifelike games in the style of Formula One based on real tracks, real cars and real technology. This is how F1 eSports was born. Today, it offers plenty of online sports betting opportunities where you can bet on the outcome of qualifying races, as well as live streamed events.

The 2019 F1 eSports Series

The F1 eSports series is open to everyone around the world. Contestants can enter by playing is the latest version of the F1 game for Xbox One, PC or PlayStation 4. The initial qualifying round is open to everyone and is spread over 6 weeks.

During a 2-week race window, contestants must connect to the race network and complete the current track in the fastest time possible. There are 3 tracks or races for this year’s qualifying event including Shanghai, Azerbaijan and the Spanish Grand Prix. Some online sports betting sites will offer pre-tournament wagering where you can predict the fastest times for each track in the qualifiers.

The Pro Draft

After the initial qualifying stage, the top 10 drivers from each race will progress to the pro draft stage of the tournament. They are joined by a selection of wildcard drivers. Before the draft is made, the drivers are thinned out in a series of knockout races, leaving only the best to be chosen.

The official F1 eSports teams then commence with the draft to choose their main and backup driver for the upcoming season. The draft works just like any other sport, where teams can release or sign on new drivers during the draft, or main season. At the end of the draft, the final roster of drivers will be announced for each team and the Pro season starts.

The Pro Season Tournament

The F1 eSports pro season is the main tournament event where the drivers and constructors compete for the championship title. This is also where you can get in on the online sports betting action and predict the winning driver or constructor for each race.

The race itself is modelled on an actual Formula One Grand Prix with the same cars, the same track and the same limitations. In 2019, there are 4 live race events scheduled to take place in front of a live audience. This year, there has also been a pump in prize money with half a million dollars on the line for the winner.

F1 eSports vs. Other Forms of Online Sports Betting

Betting on the F1 eSports series is very much like putting money on the actual Formula One. All top-rated online sports betting sites will provide a full range of markets for each race, as well as outright bets on the series.

With each race, you have the chance to predict which driver will win the race and who will be placed second or third. You can also place a bet on which constructor will win, who will take pole position for the start and who will set the fastest lap during the actual race. If you prefer outright wagers, you can bet on the series and predict the driver who will take the championship title and who will win the constructor title.

Why Is F1 eSports Betting So Popular?

Sports bettors are always on the lookout for exciting new wagering opportunities. F1 eSports fits the bill perfectly, as it offers the ideal balance of entertainment and wagering opportunities. It’s like having a second Formula One with a different set of drivers, and not having to bet on Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton.

You can also watch each race live from your desktop computer or mobile when it is streamed live from the studio or stadium. The online sports betting options are similar to what you would find with regular Formula One races, with straight win markets, props and more.

Since the sport is fairly new, there isn’t much historical data to include in your strategy, so it is important to keep an eye on qualifying races and current racing events to see if you can make a winning pick. High octane, exciting and potentially very lucrative, this form of online sports betting offers racing fans a whole new way to win.


# 8 – Golf

Golf may not be the most physical activity on the list, but it is certainly offers a wide range of wagering opportunities. While there are dozens of tournaments taking place throughout the year, the Majors are where all the action happens.

All top-rated sites will offer bets on the Majors, or the 4 most prestigious men’s tournaments in the world, which are the U.S Open, the Masters, the British Open and the PGA Championship. There are many other events, which are offered on different sportsbooks from time to time, but the men’s and women’s Majors are the perfect launchpad for your golf betting career.

The Golf Majors

  • The Masters: Held every year at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, this might well be the most well known Golf championship in the world and attracts almost every big player. Tee off is usually the second weekend in April.
  • The US Open: The US Open is hosted on a variety of interesting courses across the United States, and is usually timed so that it ends on Father’s Day.
  • The British Open: Technically known as The Open Championship, the British Open is the oldest of the Majors and has been going since 1860. The exact dates of the event change, but it always includes the third Friday in July. The only Majors tournament to be held outside the USA, a favourite for the Open Championship is the Old Course at St Andrews – which is appropriately believed to be the world’s oldest Golf course.
  • The PGA Championships: The final Majors of the year, the PGA Championships begin in the third weekend of May. The host course varies every year, which makes it very interesting to watch and to wager on. The winner receives PGA Tour membership for the following 5 seasons, automatic invitation to the following year’s other Majors and life eligibility to the Championships themselves.

Women’s Golf Majors

  • The Women’s British Open: A Ladies Professional Golf Association Major since 2001, the Women’s British Open has actually been an annual event since 1976. Previously held at Woburn Golf and Country Club, in 2019 I took place on the Marquess Course in Little Brickhill.
  • The Evian Championship: The Evian Championship is held in Évian-les-Bains, France, at the Evian Resort Golf Club. In different years it has been staged in June, July and September, and was established in 1994.
  • The US Women’s Open: The oldest of the Ladies Professional Golf Association Majors, the US Women’s Open was first held in 1946. Though not internationally recognised as a Major championship none of the US events on this list are – it is considered the dominant women’s Golf tour.
  • The ANA Inspiration: The Mission Hills Country Club at Rancho Mirage, California, is the yearly setting for the ANA Inspiration. Some might say it is the boldest and most colourful of the Majors, since it has become a statement tourist destination for women with alternative orientations and lifestyles!
  • The Women’s PGA Championships: The sister event to the Men’s PGA Championships since 2015, it is equally prestigious and is held between June and July.

Online Golf Betting

Golf is a lot more complex than it might first appear, and there are actually several wagers that can be placed on each event. Put money on:

  • Who will make the cut and avoid being eliminated after the first 2 rounds
  • Individual match-ups where you predict who will have a better score
  • Who will win an overall tournament or game, and who will place in the top 10 finishers
  • Specific event propositions

Before You Bet

Since Golf is quite a meditative sport, some experts argue that the psychological state of players counts more here that it does in some other disciplines – think about the tumble that Tiger Woods took in the wake of the scandals surrounding his divorce. For that reason, you should try to learn if there have been any major changes or upsets in a player’s life recently, as well as what his relationship with is caddy and other players is like.

In addition, you should check an athlete’s past performance on the type of course and physical obstacles that they’ll be facing, along with what the weather conditions will be. In particular, wind speeds can have a marked effect on how a player is able to direct and manage the shots he takes.


# 7 – Tennis

Tennis is exciting and diverse as it can be played individually or in teams (singles and doubles). Again, there are dozens of different tournaments taking place throughout the year, but the Grand Slams are the highlight of the tennis calendar. These include the French Open, US Open, Wimbledon and the Australian open.

Other Tennis Events

Besides the 4 Grand Slams, there are several other ATP and WTA – which stand for Association of Tennis Professionals and Women’s Tennis Association respectively – throughout the year. Look out for the Challenger Cup, the Davis Cup, and the Fed Cup, which was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the International Tennis Federation in 1963. The Olympics also provide exciting possible punts every 4 years!

Online Tennis Betting

In Tennis bets can be placed on sets, games, matches, or on tournaments outright for Men’s and Women’s Singles and Doubles, as well as for Mixed Doubles. As well as these simple wagers you can place over/under bets and say whether you think the total score will over or under an amount that is set by your bookmaker. Winning margins and the number of sets that each player or doubles team will in are also popular. As with many of the other sports at our recommended gambling sites you can place pre-game and in-play punts, which seem to work especially well in Tennis.

Micro Betting on Tennis

You can place pre-match and in-game wagers on Tennis games at our recommended bookmakers, but this sport is also one of the best options for the exciting new world of Micro Bets. These micro markets focus on what will happen in the next few moments of an event – will the score move to Deuce? Will the ball hit the net? Even more so than in other live betting, you can gauge how athletes are performing before you make any predictions or put any money down.

Before You Bet

As always, before you bet on a Tennis event you need to do your homework. Past player performances, in general and on the court surface for the game that you’ll be betting on, should be checked. You should also consider how the athletes in a doubles team relate to each other, and how long they’ve been working together. Injury reports and relevant psychological issues, such as whether a player tends to choke during the finals of a big tournament, will affect results too.


# 6 – Canadian Football

Though Canadian and American Football both developed from the traditional British game of Rugby, today there are several differences between the 2 North American versions of the sport. In Canadian Football the field and teams are bigger, and the goal post positions and several regulations are different when compared with the American format.

Both Football variations are hugely enjoyable to watch and wager on, but all online sports betting Canada sites will offer Canadian Football betting on the CFL. Being a local league, it attracts enthusiasts from around the country, with wagers that can be placed on each game or on the league outright. The Grey Cup determines the season’s champions, and you can also predict who will win the East and West Division titles.

Women’s Canadian Football

Women have long been interested in Canadian Football – after all, all Canucks are full of national pride and that extends to a special fondness for our particular brand of Football! Not all sites will offer markets on Women’s Canadian Football since it is still considerably smaller than men’s events, but look out for the ones that do.

You can place the same wagers, obviously, but it’s likely that you’ll get better odds because women’s games remain more niche than men’s. The largest female league is the Western Women's Canadian Football League, which has been going since the spring of 2011.

You’re most likely to see their 8 teams, which hail from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta and are divided into the Western and Prairie Conferences, in the Women’s Canadian Football section of any online sportsbook.

Online Canadian Football Betting

You can place outright bets on the entire Canadian Football season, or make predictions about a specific game. The in-play and pre-game markets for online Canadian Football include:

  • Moneyline or straight wagers, where you simply put money on who you think is going to win
  • Over/Under punts, where you need to say whether the final combined score will be greater or less than a pre-set amount
  • Points Spreads, as Canadian Football line bets are known, where points are added to and docked from the underdogs’ and favourites’ scores, respectively, in order to create tighter odd

Proposition Bets for Canadian Football

As you gain more insight into Football teams and players, you’ll be able to place event-specific wagers. These carry higher odds and are harder to predict, which is why you need to wait until you’re a little more experienced before you attempt them, but their payouts are also correspondingly larger than the more general wagers. You can predict who will score first, and even second, how far a particular player will throw, whether the game will run into overtime, and whatever else your bookmaker can think of.

Before You Bet

There is plenty that can be researched before placing any Canadian Football wagers, and the more you know, the better your chances of winning are. Make sure you check recent reports on injuries, the latest past performances, changes to coaches or line-ups, and whether either team has a home advantage. Since Canucks are so invested in this type of Football, you’ll also be able to find plenty of expert opinions to help guide your betting decisions.


# 5 - American Football

American Football has a much wider audience with sports betting offered at all local and overseas bookmakers. As with Canadian Football, money can be put down on every single NFL game with money line and prop wagers. It is also popular to predict the Super Bowl winners and division winners.


In addition to the National Football League, you can also bet on the university-based National Collegiate Athletic Association Football, or NCAAF, all through the season and in the NCAAF Playoffs at the end. The teams play just 12 games each during the season, but considering that there are more than 100 squads you’re still in for a busy betting time! Remember to keep your eyes on the most promising players here – they are likely to make it to the NFL and this way you’ll already know a little about how they perform.

Online American Football Betting

The exciting punts that you can place on American Football include moneyline and over/under stakes, where you predict outright winners and whether the total score will be over or under a pre-set amount. You can say who will play in the NFL final in Reverse Bets, or place handicap-based Point Spread Bets. Here, points are added to the underdog team’s score and docked from the favourites, to create closer odds.

Advanced American Football Betting

As you become more experienced with American Football wagers, you should consider in-play as well as pre-match betting. That way you can adjust your stakes as the game progresses and you see how athletes are performing, taking into account what you know about them and their current level of fitness.

Specific propositions, which can be anything from who will score the first goal to the colour of the Gatorade that is traditionally poured over the coach of the winning team at the Super Bowl, will definitely keep you interested!

As well as the bets on the games – or events at the games, such as Gatorade pouring! – you can also place long-term wagers such as who will win Coach of the Year, which first-time player will be named Player of the year, and who will take other NFL honours.

Before You Bet

The scale and popularity of the NFL and the NCAAF means researching the teams before you wager on any event is easy. The most important information to find out is how athletes’ recent past performances have been, and what their current state of fitness is. Player exchanges and changes in the coaching team can also have an effect, as can any major life events. Don’t forget to check when last the side played either – if it was too recent, or if they have travelled a long distance, they might be too tired to perform at their peak.


#4 - Soccer

Soccer, otherwise known as Association Football, is the most popular participation sport in Canada. However, in the world of Canadian online sports betting, soccer is not nearly as popular as ice hockey, Canadian football or basketball. That being said, both local and overseas matches attract millions of online viewers and thousands of online bets. Soccer betting enhances the game experience and gives punters the opportunity to win big.

MLS Soccer Betting

Whether you use an online sports betting app or bet on your desktop, soccer betting provides plenty of wagering opportunities throughout the year. In terms of local matches, most of the betting takes place on Major League Soccer (MLS) games. MLS represents the highest level of soccer in both Canada and the USA. There are currently 23 MLS teams, 20 of which are based in the US and 3 from Canada. The 3 highly supported Canadian teams include Toronto FC, Montreal Impact and the Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

Betting on the USL

In addition to the MLS, there is also the United Soccer League or USL which was formally known as the USL pro. The USL is the second highest professional soccer league in Canada and the USA. Many Canadian online sports betting sites offer USL betting as well as overseas soccer betting and MLS soccer betting. The USL consists of 33 teams, of which just 2 are based in Canada. The 2 Canadian teams include the Toronto FC II team and the Ottawa Fury FC.

Online soccer betting is not limited to just local USL and MSL games. Every 4 years, the FIFA World Cup brings in millions of bets while the European and Premier League offer year-round betting action at all sports betting online sites. One of the great things about online soccer betting is that it can be as simple or as complicated as you wish to make it.

Online Soccer Betting

For anyone just starting out, the easiest bet to place is a simple match bet or moneyline bet. This where the betting site will post fixed odds on either team. The aim here is simply to predict which team will win the particular game. It is also possible to place future bets on popular tournaments weeks, or even months, in advance. These are bets that can be placed on major tournaments. Examples of futures bets include predicting the Premier League Winners, the MSL league winners, the USL winners or the winner of the soccer World Cup.

In some cases, it is possible to place an over/under or line bet. This is where the online sports betting site will post a total that is set to be the total number of goals scored by both teams in the match. Punters can then choose to place wagers on whether the actual number of goals scored is over or under the total posted.

Before You Bet

Like all forms of sports betting, online soccer betting takes time and skill to become successful. Before placing any large bet, it is important to gather as much information about the teams as possible. Being a team sport, there are a lot of factors that can influence the outcome of the game. Even if a team appears stronger on paper, it is best to check the sports betting online odds for what the bookmakers think.

Factors to consider before betting include:

  • If there are any recent or persistent injuries to the players
  • If there have been any recent changes to the coaching staff
  • If any athletes have left or joined the side in the past little while
  • Where the match is being played, and if one team has the home ground advantage
  • The total number of days or weeks since the team last played
  • If the team has travelled recently, and is still acclimatising or may have jetlag
  • Results of previous matchups
  • If any of the teams are experiencing physical or mental fatigue from a particularly stressful schedule


#3 - Ice Hockey

Online sports betting in Canada provides plenty of betting action on all of the biggest sports including Canadian football, soccer, basketball, baseball and American football. For most Canadian punters though, ice hockey is the go-to betting sport as it is considered to be a way of life in Canada rather than an independent sport. Most of the ice hockey bets are placed on NHL games. For those who are new to the sport, the NHL or National Hockey League is the largest and most prestigious ice hockey league in the world.

Betting on the NHL

Whether you are betting via an online sports betting app or on your desktop computer, ice hockey provides plenty of great wagering opportunities throughout the year. The NHL season kicks off in October and runs to June, with a regular season and the playoffs. The season culminates in the Stanley Cup, which is seen as the “Super Bowl” of ice hockey.

Currently, there are a total of 31 teams in the NHL, 24 of which are based in the US and 7 highly supported teams based right here in Canada. These are the Montreal Canadians, Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators, Winnipeg Jets, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks.

Basic Ice Hockey Bets

With ice hockey online sports betting, there are a number of bets that can be placed every game. For anyone just starting out the easiest bet to place is a simple win/lose bet otherwise known as a moneyline bet. In this case, you are simply predicting which team will win the particular matchup.

Many sports betting online sites also offer line betting or over/under bets. This is where the betting site will post a total, which is the combined number of goals scored in the game. Punters can then choose to place wagers saying that the actual number of goals will be above the total or below the total. This is a slightly more difficult bet than a straight win, as it requires intimate knowledge of the teams and previous games. For those who are more in tune with the sport, there are plenty of prop bets that can be placed each game.

Ice Hockey Prop Bets

Prop bets, sometimes known as exotic bets, are bets that focus on individual players or statistics within the game itself. They provide additional betting options at great odds. Instead of simply predicting the outcome of the game, you can place bets on which team will score first, what the score will be at half time, the total number of shots at goal or if any of the teams will have a player sent off.

Most desktop sites and mobile sports betting apps will have an entire section dedicated to ice hockey prop bets as well as parlay bets and futures bet. For larger tournaments or the Olympics, it is possible to place bets weeks or even months in advance on which team will win the Stanley Cup or which country will win Gold at the Olympics.

Before You Bet

Sports betting online can be both fun and profitable if you know what you are doing. Before placing any significant bet it is important to gather as much information about the teams as possible. Since ice hockey is a team sport, there are many different factors that can influence the final outcome. When betting online, take into account if the team has any injuries, if there has been a change in the coaching staff, when last the team played a major game, if the team is playing away or on home ground or if the team has had a particularly stressful schedule. All these factors can influence how a team performs even if on paper they are the stronger side.


#2 - Baseball

Played at every level, from school to club and professionally, baseball is also one of the most prominent online betting sports in the country, with a huge number of punters placing bets on each game. While there are plenty of local Canadian baseball tournaments to bet on, the majority of bets placed online are on MLB games. Major League Baseball, or MLB for short, is the largest and most prestigious baseball tournament in the world.

Major League Baseball

All top-rated sports betting online sites in Canada will offer MLB betting with dozens of markets on each game.  For those who are new to the sport, the MLB was founded in 1903 and consists of 30 teams, 29 of which are based in the US and 1 team based in Toronto, Canada. For Canadian supporters, the Toronto Blue Jays represent the only hope for Canadian domination. The Blue Jays have only won the World Series twice, in 1992 and in 1993.

The 30 MLB teams are divided equally between the National league and the American League. Each league is then divided into 3 divisions including the northern, eastern and western division. For punters interested in online sports betting, the MLB regular season kicks off in April and runs to October.

Each team plays a total of 162 games, which gives punters plenty of online betting action to look forward to. At the conclusion of the regular season, 10 teams qualify for the playoffs, which culminates in the World Series. This is where the top team in the American League goes head to head against the top team in the National league in a best of 7 tournament. The winners are crowned world Series Champions.

Baseball Betting for Beginners

Online MLB betting provides plenty of betting options for both novices and seasoned punters. Whether you choose to use an online sports betting app or bet directly online, the range of bets available is quite extensive. For anyone just getting into baseball betting, the easiest bet to start with is the money line bet or match bet. In this case, you are simply predicting which of the 2 teams will win the game.

Another popular bet in baseball is the over/under bet which is sometimes referred to as totals betting. With this bet, the online sports betting site will post a point score or total, which represents the total number of points scored by both teams for the duration of the game. Instead of predicting the exact score, punters simply have to decide whether the actual point total will be over, or under, the total posted by the site.

Advanced MLB Bets

Some online betting sites will offer future bets where punters can place bets weeks or months in advance on which team will win the World Series at the end of the season. For the more experienced punter, there are also plenty of prop bets available where you can bet on individual players or statistics within each game.

Online sports betting Canada sites offer a wide range of prop bets. Popular props include bets on which team will hit the first home run, which player will have the highest score, the exact score of each team, who will have the best pitching statistics and who will score the most home runs.

Before You Bet

Like many other online betting sports, baseball betting requires a lot of research and skill in order to place a winning bet. It is always best to gather as much information about the teams as possible. Factors that can also influence the outcome of the game include team injuries, changes to coaching staff, whether the match is being played home or away, team schedules and what the results were of previous matchups.


#1 - Basketball

In Canada, basketball is one of the most exciting team sports for both the players and the spectators. Played at school, at club level and professionally, basketball is also one of the most popular online betting sports with thousands of punters placing bets on all the biggest games. While there are plenty of local tournaments and games, most of the bets placed online revolve around the NBA. A major NBA game can attract thousands of visitors and millions of viewers around the globe, so it is easy to see why NBA betting is so popular.

Betting on the NBA

For those who are new to the world of online sports betting, the NBA or National Basketball Association is the most prestigious basketball league in the world. The NBA is comprised of 30 teams, 29 of which are based in the US, and 1 team that is based in Canada. The 30 teams are then divided into the Eastern conference and the Western conference.

Initially there were 2 Canadian teams in the NBA, the Toronto Raptors now stand alone and carry all the hopes of Canada on their shoulders. Just about all online sports betting sites in Canada offer NBA betting with dozens of markets on each game. The NBA season kicks off in October with each of the 30 teams playing 41 games at home and 41 games away in the regular season.

The large number of games in the season means there is plenty of sports betting action with the chance to place multiple bets on games on a single day. Around mid-April, the regular season ends and the top 8 teams in each conference compete in the playoffs. The final round of the playoffs is aptly termed the NBA finals and the winners receive Championship rings and the NBA trophy.

Basic Basketball Bets

With the introduction of mobile sports betting apps, anyone with a smartphone or tablet can place bets instantly online at home or on the go. For anyone just starting out, the easiest bet to place is a moneyline bet or match bet. This simply involves predicting the winners of the game in question. It is also possible to place future bets at the start of the season on which team will win the finals and take home the trophy.

Advanced NBA Bets

For more experienced punters, online sports betting Canada sites offer a wide range of NBA betting options. Another popular bet placed online is the over/under bet also known as totals betting. With this type of bet, the online bookmaker will set a point total, which is the combined score of both teams at the end of full time. Punters can then choose to place a bet saying that the actual combined point total will either bet above or below the point total posed by the site.

When the two teams are unevenly matched, sports betting online sites will offer line betting. This is where the stronger team or favourite is given a virtual line or point margin they must win by in order for the bet to be successful. This type of bet is more difficult than a money line bet an often has better odds. For bettors who are intimately familiar with the game and the players, there are plenty of prop bets that can be placed on each game.

NBA Prop Bets

Prop bets are bets placed on individual statistics or players within the game itself as opposed to the game as a whole. Some of the most popular prop bets include betting on which team will score the first points, which player will throw the first 3-pointer, which team will have the best offence/defence, how many triple-doubles will occur in the game and what the score will be at half time. Sports betting options for NBA fans in Canada are plentiful, and there is plenty of money to be won online.

Before You Bet

Before you put money on any teams, check their recent performance history, injury reports and changes to the starting line-up. New coaches, the specific field or stadium and even the current psychological state of the athletes can affect how they play. Your best course of action is to find out everything you can, including the opinions of expert insiders. As with any wagers you place, on any sport, the more research and insight you are able to gather, the more successful your bets are likely to be.

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