Citadel Banking

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Citadel, also known as Instant banking by Citadel, and officially known as Citadel Commerce Corp, is a Canadian based company that offers financial transfer services. The company also offers another familiar online banking mechanism ideal for internet casino players known as Instadebit. With Instant Banking by Citadel players are given an application that allows a quick transfer of cash from your bank account into your casino account within minutes. It serves as what is essentially a middleman and charges very little for the transfers it facilitates. One of the really big benefits of using Citadel, outside of the fact that it’s fast, is the fact that you don’t need to enter in a lot personal information in order to use it. Plus, none of the information you do enter will ever be shared with third parties.

How Instant Banking by Citadel Works

As the name suggests, conducting a financial transfer into your online casino and/or mobile casino account is quick, convenient and instant. Accessing this service is incredibly simple – all you need to do is go into the banking lobby of the casino in which a number of options will appear. Scroll down to Instant Banking by Citadel, click on it and then enter in some basic information. It will take you to your bank’s webpage where you will then log in. So in essence, it is a middleman transfer application. If you’re asking why you would use a service like this, the answer is quite simple - it provides you with privacy in terms of keeping your gaming a private affair.

The Advantage of Citadel to Canadian Player

There are quite a few advantages to using Instant Banking by Citadel. As mentioned, it’s a very affordable mechanism and one which will facilitate both deposits and withdrawals. Citadel’s cash transfer system is trustworthy, available in more than 20 countries and takes only minutes to do its job. The Citadel system is also compatible with more than 300 financial organisations, meaning it will definitely transact with your banking institution. Due to the very limited amount of paperwork that accompanies the service, the Citadel system is speedy and reliable.

Citadel’s Payment Options

Instant Banking by Citadel offers a number of ways in which you can use it, namely three:

  • The Payment Application: This one requires that a player download the application which in turn will connect to his/her bank account. This one is useful to mobile casino players who are utilising their smartphones. It’s also really helpful in terms of using the application at another vendor to make or receive a payment.
  • The Citadel Webpage: If you opt to do it this way you’ll need to use the company webpage to implement the instant banking software. It ultimately still works in the same manner.
  • The Rapid System: If you opt for this way you’ll receive a reference number which you can then use with your bank’s website to make a cash transfer possible.


Instant Banking by Citadel provides a platform for both deposits and withdrawals. This online casino banking option is safe to use as Citadel will never share your information, and requires very little information from our side in order to do the job. In terms of speed, Citadel really comes to the party because it works in real time. So once approved, your cash is in your casino account. When it comes to making a withdrawal, there is the possibility that it could take a day or two, but that’s only because the casino itself will take a few days to release your payment. In terms of fees, it’s quite nominal and a charge will occur whether you’re moving or receiving cash.