Credit Cards

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Credit cards have long been a favourite with people buying and paying for goods/services on the net. The humble credit card has always been a favourite with online gamers because it allows them some significant advantages as well as being one of the few accepted forms of payment online until recently.   The increase in usage of eWallets and online payment methods has lessened our reliance on credit cards however that doesn’t mean we should discard them out of hand at an option. There are some great benefits and a range of security functions which make credit cards an attractive way to pay online. When it comes to wanting to pay the traditional way, credit cards are tops. They were the first banking option offered by online casinos, and they remain a trusted and reliable payment mechanism. Banking options like Visa and MasterCard have also changed with the times, and their security features are world class. When you make a deposit at any of the best Canadian credit card casinos you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands and that your money is properly safeguarded.

How does it work?

Credit cards online work pretty much the same way as they do in shops and banks on the high street, you can use them for purchases big or small which are under your credit limit and can earn points on purchases with some outlets. Withdrawals are slightly more tricky especially with regards to casino play however some cards do offer this functionality and players should contact their card issuer for information on whether or not this is supported. The major players in the credit card sector are of course MasterCard and Visa and you’ll find both these cards are accepted at the majority of online gaming sites. An easy way to spot if a Canadian casino accepts credit cards is to look at the footer of a site; usually the Visa and MasterCard logo will be prominently displayed, along with other trusted and reliable payment mechanism options.

What are the advantages for me?

Credit cards are fairly easily obtainable and most people have one, if not two, credits cards already without having to specifically apply. There is no account to set up or password to remember and you can make a deposit or [purchase instantly. The other major advantage of using a credit card for your online gaming purchases is that it is almost certain to be accepted wherever you play giving you the convenience and flexibility to play whenever and wherever you want. Additionally you’ll be able to track deposits and payments on your monthly statement making budgeting that much easier.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are also a safe way to transact online and make use of 2 step verification with every purchase. This adds an extra layer of security to your transaction and lets you game worry-free. The leading Canadian online casinos also save your credit card information on secure servers so that you don’t have to add your details every time. This reduces the risk of identity theft, fraud and hacking and also makes transacting faster and easier. You’ll simply login to your casino account, click on the credit card you wish to use and confirm the amount you want to transfer. Your funds will then be loaded to your account and you’ll be ready to enjoy all your favourite games for real money. Overall, credit cards offer plenty of advantages and Canadian online casinos give you the chance to play real money games at your your convenience, and win big!  

Our Verdict

Credits cards are hassle free, easy to use and accepted just about everywhere. For online gamers they’re particularly useful as payments are fast and budgeting is easy with the help of statements. Credit cards are a safe and secure way to pay online and as they are easy to obtain and simple to use, they are the preferred choice of so many Canadian players!