Debit Cards

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If you’re looking for an easy online banking option then your debit card could well be the answer! Almost everyone has a debit card and it’s often overlooked in terms of being used online, but it actually offers a great way to transact, stress and hassle free. You can use your debit card to pay straight from your bank account and the fees are low, there’s no chance of running up any debt, and it only takes a few minutes to complete the process.

Paying directly from your bank account also allows you to deal directly with an online casino making certain there is no link in the middle and meaning that you’ll never have to deal with anyone other than your bank and the casino, keeping things simple for you. Online banking comes as standard with most debit cards these days so you’ll also have the ability to check your balance online, at a time that suits you. Withdrawing is also easy as you can have a debit order paid directly back into your account. The number of cards that are accepted by the best Canadian online casinos are plentiful and almost ALL major casino will accept debit card transactions. You can use a VISA, Electron, Solo, Switch Cirrus and Delta.

What are the advantages for me?

Debit cards are arguably the best way to pay for online gaming being both safe and easy to use. Dealing directly with the casino in question means you cut out any third party and with online banking will be able to confirm right away when funds leave your account. Getting winnings paid BACK into your account is also hassle free, faster and more convenient. 24/4 access to your money is vital and with casino gamers tending to keep fairly flexible playing hours (after work or late at night for example) the flexibility of a debit card is a must. Security is another exceptional benefit with most major debit card providers having world class security measures in place.

Using a debit card at top class casinos also allows the option to include additional security features such as memorable question or word prompts. Debit cards are used worldwide everywhere from Australia to the United Kingdom, Canada, France and many, many more. You’ll be able to deposit in the currency of your choice and because it is debited directly from your card you’re likely to enjoy a better exchange rate than when using a credit card. If you’re worried about overspending or running into the red when gambling, then a debit card is the ideal option. You can only spend the money you have, so there’s no chance of using a credit facility to keep on playing. Debit cards let you manage your bankroll more efficiently and keep you out of potential debt! Additional methods of security are in place for some casinos including card verification processes which make online fraud almost impossible.   

Our verdict

Debit cards are one of the most reliable, best performing and safest of payment methods available to online gamers. The positive thing is that everyone had a debit cards and its extremely easy to use.  Choose a Canadian online casino that accepts debit cards and you’ll be ready to place real money bets almost straight away!