Direct Bank Transfer

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Many Canadian players make use of a direct bank transfer when they get started playing the great real money games now so widely available at top online casinos. This payment method provides a very easy, incredibly safe way for you to complete the deposit process, and it is also an excellent way to withdraw your winnings when you want to!

Wire transfers are particularly good for making big deposits and large withdrawals, and, if you are just starting your online Canadian casino journey, make sure you read our reviews in order to make sure you limit yourself to spending your time playing at only at the very best.

How to Make a Direct Bank Transfer

Many players prefer to make a direct bank transfer to their Canadian online casino account because although this payment method does require slightly more legwork on the player’s part, it also requires far less information from him or her.

You simply contact your bank in order to let them know that you would like to transfer money from your account with them to the one you hold at the online casino you have decided to play at, and provide your bank with the information your casino provides on its banking page in order to do so.

You will not need to make much of your personal information available, which allows you to keep a greater amount of control over the privacy and security of your identifying data, and can take advantage of the far higher level of reliability and dependency that this payment method provides.

The Advantage of a Direct Bank Transfer

There are a number of benefits to making use of the direct bank transfer process. It is very affordable, and will allow you to make both withdrawals and deposits as you may need to. This payment process is a trustworthy one, easily available for the majority of banking institutions providing services to Canadians, and is accomplished in a matter of minutes.


The direct bank transfer option provides you with an easy to use; safe; reliable option to process both your deposits into your Canadian online casino account, and to effect withdrawals from it as well. It is safe to use, since your personal and financial information is never shared with a third party, and the money is available in a reasonable amount of time. Once the transaction has been approved, your cash will appear in your account, and although this process may take a day or two, the high level of security it makes possible is a benefit, which outweighs this drawback.

Keep in mind, however, that, whether you decide to go with a direct bank transfer or any of the other available banking options Canadian online and mobile casinos provide, all the websites that have been rated and reviewed here at have been certified fair and secure. You can transact however you wish to, but stay totally protected by doing so only at the Canadian friendly casinos we recommend!