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Interac Online provides online and mobile casino players with a safe, fast and effective way to make casino transactions. To put it simply, Interac is a banking utility which connects to your bank account and then proceeds to move the money from there into your online and/or mobile casino account as per your instruction. Interac Online is for Canadian players only, but it can be used at many participating vendors, making your casino gaming experience a seamless process even when you switch between games.

When you use a payment system like Interac Online, you’re automatically entitled to various perks and benefits. Interac Online also provides privacy, something many online gamblers prefer. In fact, the most important reason people choose to play online or through their mobiles, besides convenience, is privacy.

Benefits to using Interac Online

Signing up with Interac Online is very simple. If your chosen online casino supports this mechanism, you should be able to access it via the banking lobby or by going to their website. Interac uses a gateway page to connect to your bank account. After the connection is established, you simply need to confirm the amount you’d like to transfer; it’s that simple! There are countless benefits to using Interac Online, some of which you’ll find below:

  • Online Banking Information Protection: Interac stores your information safely, so your banking information will never be shared with the online merchant you’re doing business with. In essence, you’re safer when banking online with Interac.
  • Easy to Use: Since the payment is processed when you’re already online, there is no need for new online accounts or passwords.
  • Security: Having partnered with Interac Online to complete your transactions, RBC Royal Bank offers an additional level of security.
  • Convenience: When you opt for a mobile casino payment service like Interac Online, it provides a safe alternative to using your traditional bank cards and/or e-wallets.
  • More Financial Control: Interac Online is the perfect banking utility for keeping track of all your payments. It enables you to check all your casino payments at once, making it easier for you to keep in control of your financial affairs. This type of payment system encourages responsible gambling.

Here, at Gambling Insider, we’re always looking for innovative ways to enable our Canadian players to make their deposits, while also making it an easy and convenient process. Even though the online casinos we endorse have the best of intentions, banking can still be tricky. This is the reason we’re always looking for better, safer and more effective ways to help our players make and receive faster payouts. Fortunately, matters run smoothly most of the times. But there are the occasional hiccups that can delay a payment, and we know that this can be quite frustrating to a player. So, we recommend that, when you sign up with any one of our online or mobile casinos, you keep a couple of things handy, namely: a copy of your identification card/document and proof of address.

Most online casinos, if not all, request these bits of information if you’re making a big withdrawal to the tune of C$10,000, or if it’s the first withdrawal you’ve ever made.