How does it work?

Ukash is a new digital currency that can be used for a myriad of services. It behaves exactly the same as normal money, but you spend it online. Getting Ukash is easy, as it’s available in over 55 countries, from shops, ATM’s, petrol stations and many more, and can be spent at the majority of online establishments, including Canadian online casinos. To use Ukash, you simply find a provider that offers the service or go onto their website, and exchange your money for a unique 19-digit Ukash code or voucher (each has a minimum load amount of $5 and a maximum of $300). Once you’ve completed the transaction, you’re ready to spend your code at over 420,000 outlets and websites worldwide. If your Ukash code is more than the value of your transaction, the remainder will be given to you in a new code for you to use next time.

What are the advantages for me?

There are many advantages of using Ukash instead of traditional money, and the first is that it is a completely secure and reliable method of making payments online. If you don’t have a debit or credit card, or would prefer not to use one online, Ukash is the perfect option for you to make deposits into your accounts online. The introduction of Ukash PayOut also marks the end of costly cheques, bank transfers and other traditional payout methods, giving players easy access to their money. Ukash also has a partnership with MasterCard™, allowing you to purchase a prepaid UkashOut MasterCard™, so you can spend your cash anywhere that MasterCard™ is accepted, which includes the majority of online casinos. Another major benefit of Ukash is that it works in conjunction with many existing prepaid cards and eWallet services, meaning it is a safe and quick way of reloading online.

Our verdict?

Ukash is an easy and convenient way to make payments online. For casino gamers it is particularly useful, as it can be used in conjunction with many other methods, including the handy partnership with MasterCard™ which will make many users even more confident in the service. As an alternative to using the traditional credit or debit card, Ukash is extremely secure and reliable, so we would recommend you check out Ukash today and see if it works for you.