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  • 95.9%

What we like most:​

  • Playtech games

What we like least:

  • No mobile casino


  • 2017


  • Playtech


  • English and German

So it’s that time, when we look at a newcomer to the exciting and at times highly lucrative world of online casino gaming. This time round we look the SCasino, fresh off the boat in 2017 and ready to give Canadian players some great bang-for-buck entertainment. There’s something very clinical about the SCasino. Maybe it’s the red and white colour scheme that evokes a sense of cleanliness.

The designers of this casino seem to have thrown a bunch of ideas together and in all frankness, some work and some left me wondering just what they were trying to achieve. But fret not my player from Canada; this casino still has most of the things it should and what we all seek from a casino – a sign-up bonus, games from a reputable supplier and contactable customer support.


Gaming and Payouts

Right, so let’s start with the games. SCasino has partnered with the ever-reliable, not going anywhere anytime soon, Playtech. In case you’re not a regular here or it’s your first time visiting, Playtech is quite old. It’s racked up quite a bit of mileage, it’s put in the hours and thus it is still here. Founded in 1999, Playtech set about expanding its empire by digging into every possible nook and cranny in the online casino gaming business.

Its hard work has paid off. Today Playtech is highly respected and its gaming products include all the regular stars such as online video slots, blackjack, roulette, blackjack and video poker. But those are really just the enjoyable pleasantries. Playtech also produces online lottery games, mobile casino games, social gaming products, poker and sports betting.

In addition to online sports betting software, Playtech also supply live casino games. In fact, the company claims to have been one of if not the first to have made a live casino game way back in 2003, before it was even a trend or a successful industry. Playtech also provide binary trading options, an alternative way of approaching the stock market. All of SCasino’s gaming and payouts are based on the casino content provided by Playtech.

Banking and Support

I’ve been looking at various online casinos for a while now and it’s taught me a thing or two. But I’ve got to admit, SCasino has got a boatload of casino banking options to choose from. I did a quick count and it was very close to 30. That’s almost 30 ways to move money in or out of the casino. It’s all the usual ways to transact – credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, vouchers and direct bank transfers – there’s just so much more of it. 

This is probably for a wider audience and in all fairness, Canadian players will probably be able to choose from a handful, but it’s encouraging to know that you chances of transacting more on your terms is highly likely at SCasino.

Awards, Features and Bonuses

I was quite impressed by what was on offer at this place. At the time of writing this review new players could choose between one of two welcome bonus offers. There was a 100% match offer, the most commonly offered bonus in the casino business. The other was a 20% cashback which would give you 20% back on your first week’s deposits. Scasino seems very keen on giving its players a choice. There was a table bonus, cash back, a slot bonus and free spins and from what I could gather, you had a choice between these four. Bottom line, there’s enough incentivising going on.