Do you Believe in these Casino Myths?

Do you Believe in these Casino Myths?

Posted on April 2nd, 2013 at 12:04pm

There are many persistent myths about casino gambling. These myths spread whether the casinos are located in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or in places where there are only tribal gaming operations. While some myths are interesting in a folklore kind of way, most myths are false. Many gambling myths are handed down to encourage people to take chances. They also exist to get people to put their money into slot machines, or to hand over their money to table operators. Simply put, gambling is risky and there is no sure way to make money doing it. Some of the most prevalent casino myths are:

  • Once a player hits a jackpot, the slot machine won't pay out again for a while
  • Payouts of slot machines change depending on what time of the day it is
  • Casinos like to pump oxygen into the casino to keep gamblers more alert and to be sure they gamble longer
  • Creating or following an established system can help you beat the casino's odds
  • Computers decide when a Roulette wheel will stop turning
  • If a slot machine hasn't paid out for a while, it is "due" to pay out
  • Casino security workers sometimes watch players and decide which ones will win
  • Games using dice like Craps have certain tables that are "hot" or "cold" meaning that certain tables have better odds
  • Players using casino player club cards when playing slot machines either do or do not win more often, depending on who is repeating the myth
  • Pulling a slot machine's handle is better than pushing buttons and increases winning chances

If you thought that any of the above myths are true, they are not. Slot machines are not preset to pay out at certain times any more than outcomes of dice games can be guessed depending on which table the game is played on. Pulling on handles of slot machines is like carrying a lucky rabbits foot. It won't make any difference. Security people working in casinos have no control over people winning or losing, that would be unfair. Using a player card makes no difference in chances of winning or losing and trying to figure out when a slot machine will pay out is an exercise in futility. Chances are simply that, chances. There is nothing that can turn a slot machine or any type of game into one that grants favors to certain people. Casinos deny putting anything into casino air. That would be illegal in most places. The most that having a system can do is to keep you busy as you watch the wheels spin or the dice roll. Nothing a punter can do will increase or decrease their odds of winning or losing. Gambling is exactly as its name implies, it is gambling. It's a pursuit that is best done as a form of entertainment instead of with winning expectations.  

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