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While EcoCard is arguably the most well known of the EcoPayz services available in Canada, it is by no means the only one. The trusted brand, headquartered in the UK since its launch in 1999, is responsible for a number of financial services and payment methods, including an e-wallet. The services of greatest relevance to players who enjoy real-money online gambling are the EcoAccount, the EcoCard, and the EcoVirtualCard, all of which are safe to use. Not only is the brand’s website and e-wallets protected by state-of-the-art data encryption, players enjoy the added security of the encryption offered by reliable casinos online recommended by

How EcoAccount Works

A player’s EcoAccount is at the heart of their use of EcoPayz as an online gambling payment method. It is the e-wallet into which they deposit CA$. The accounts are private, and are available in almost 50 different countries. Accounts can be topped up whenever online casino Canada players need to do so, and are available in classic, silver, gold, platinum, and VIP levels. Players do not pay to sign up to any of the levels. However, the services available to, as well as the associated fees, vary from level to level. For example, once topped-up, a classic account can only be used as a payment method.

It cannot be used to send money back to players’ bank accounts, to other accounts, or to other EcoAccounts. A silver account, on the other hand, offer greater freedom, even if account deposits are charged at between 0 and 7 percent, account withdrawals are charged at between US$6.44 and US$10.91, and credit card deposits are charged at between 1.69 and 2.90 percent. Of particular interest to Canadian players who enjoy online gambling for real money is the fact that there is no fee for using EcoAccount for casino withdrawals. Players should bear in mind that the accounts do have deposit and withdrawal limits. Online casino deposits are capped at US$10,907.20 per deposit. Daily limits may be set between US$16,000 and US$32,721.

How EcoCard Works

EcoCard works in tandem with EcoPayz EcoAccounts, and comes in the form of an actual card supported by MasterCard. Online casino Canada players whose card applications are successful receive them by mail. The application process is a simple one, and does not require credit checks of applicants, nor do they need to have a bank account.  Once they have their EcoCards, players can send funds to them using their EcoAccounts. The cards can then be used as a payment method. Even though the cards are supported by a leading credit card brand, they work like pre-paid vouchers. There is no extending of credit.

How EcoVirtualCard Works

The EcoVirtualCard, another service offered by the popular payment service EcoPayz, is a digital version of the EcoCard, but with a catch: the virtual cards are valid for use once, and once only. They cannot be topped up or re-used in any way. As with the cards, online casino Canada players need to apply for virtual cards. The application takes place online via an EcoAccount, and if successful, players receive their cards immediately. They can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted as a payment method. As they are valid for one use, they expire as soon as the transaction has been processed.

Promotions Add Value

MasterCard’s support of EcoPayz adds further value to using its services for real-money online gambling. In addition to running an incentive programme as well as monthly promotions, the payment service also offers access to the major credit card brand’s own promotions and special offers. As far as payment methods accepted by casinos online go, EcoPayz offers quality, convenience, security, and even a few rewards.